SSC Result 2019 with Marksheet

SSC result is very important in our country. Most of the guardian is concern for a good ssc result. Because, any student have not enough marks in ssc result. They cannot admit any good college. In this time a student can apply 5 college for admission. Any how they can’t get chance. It’s a pain fully days for the student. All of guardian wanted to Golden A+ in ssc result. Only for admission war. But it’s a poison and extra pressure for a student. Every year govt. taken ssc exam. In held on February 1.

What is SSC?

In this time, Bangladesh has 3 board exam in School period. 1st name is PSC in class 5. Then 2nd JSC class 8 and SSC in class 10th. After complete SSC a student is qualified to admit college. But grade point is a fact to admission best college in Bangladesh. SSC full form is Secondary School Certificate.

A student is only attend SSC exam in 15 year old. Sometime we see 30+ age people is attend in that exam. But it is rear. And this system is very difficult for attend this exam. Bangladesh Education board make an age limits that is 15 year old.

How many education boards are there in Bangladesh?

Now our education board has 10 independent sections. Madrasa and Technical is included in this list.

  • Barishal Board
  • Chitagong Board
  • Comilla Board
  • Dhaka board
  • Dinajpur Board
  • Jessore board
  • Rajshahi board
  • Sylhet board
  • Madrasa board
  • Technical board

How many schools are there in Bangladesh?

Overall Bangladesh has 23500+ High School. This information we get from Bangladesh shikkha board website. Our Government try to digitalis all school in Bangladesh. But some of the school is low education level now. When SSC result publish, we see 40-50 Schools all student was failed. End of the day we hopefully come back from this problem.

Which is the best school in Bangladesh?

All school is the best for they are students. But which is the top level school? I mean top 10 best school list. When you Google it. Top 10 School in Bangladesh. Maybe you get some result. And all most all website author said that “Viqarunnisa Noon School” Number 1. When ssc result publish then education board result finding which best school is and provide the list in media. Education board result 2018 provide top 10 best school list. For you kind information we mention for you.

  • Viqarunnisa Noon School and College
  • Government Laboratory High School
  • Ideal School & College
  • RAJUK Uttara Model College
  • Dhaka Residential Model College
  • Holy Cross Girls High School
  • Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College
  • Chittagong Collegiate School and College
  • St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Dhaka
  • Monipur High School & College, Dhaka

What is golden A+ in SSC?

If you want to get A+ or GPA5, You need to just 80% marks. But no need to all subject. Maybe you are know that. Our country people is not enough happy to get GPA5. They need to Golden A+. What is golden A+? When you got 80% marks in all subject. Then your marks count Golden A+. Maybe now you are clear in this concept.

When SSC Result 2019 will publish?

It is a difficult question. Only Education board knows this question. Normally 4 may to 30 may published. We mention some year result published date. So, you are clear.

  • SSC Result 2011 - May 10
  • SSC Result 2012 - May 07
  • SSC Result 2013 - May 09
  • SSC Result 2014 - May 17
  • SSC Result 2015 - May 30
  • SSC Result 2016 - May 11
  • SSC Result 2017 - May 04
  • SSC Result 2018 - May 06

Bangladeshi All Education Board Short code

If you wanted to know education board result 2019 by sms. Then you need to know what is your board short code. So, I include all of our country education board name. Please find out what is your education board. Are you interested to know your ssc result by sms? Please go to last step of this article.

  • Barisal education board                 -     BAR
  • Chittagong education board         -     CHI
  • Comilla education board               -     COM
  • Dhaka education board                 -     DHA
  • Dinajpur education board             -     DIN
  • Jessore education board              -     JES
  • Rajshahi education board             -     RAJ
  • Sylhet education board                 -     SYL
  • Dhaka education board                 -     DHA
  • Madrasah education board          -     MAD
  • Technical education board           -     TEC

SSC Result Passing Ratio

Some body wanted to know which education board is top ssc result passing ratio. I see thousands of people bet and loss money in this topic. So carefully. Bet is bad practice. We just cover last 3 year ssc result passing ratio.

Education Board








































Is SSC Result 2019 tomorrow?

Government take a step when we make a date in this post. Please don’t comments any date in the Facebook or any social site. Then govt. take a step for you. Be safe.

How do I check my 2018 SSC result?

Are you here that mean you don’t know how to check ssc result 2019 bd? You can check result three way.

  • web based result (Online) : You can check SSC Result 2019 from click here education board result. or use this website eboardresults.
  • SMS Based : Go to your message option type (Example: SSC DHA Roll 2019 send to 16222.)
  • Go to School : You can go to your school and check out result from the school notice board.

Which board SSC Result Can I check online or SMS?

Maybe you have some confusion about it. So please follow the list. You can proper idea about the ssc result 2019.

  • Barishal Board Result
  • Chitagong Board Result
  • Comilla Board Result
  • Dhaka board Result
  • Jessore board Result
  • Rajshahi board Result
  • Sylhet board Result
  • Madrasa board Result
  • Technical board Result

Which jobs comes under SSC?

After SSC result you can do Government job in Bangladesh. Just you need 2nd division result. You can apply any government job circular. Your job position is office assistant or computer operator. Basically this type of job salary minimum 10,000 – 18,000 taka. I recommend you can start apply this type of job. If you can get this type of govt. job. 

What is the education system in Bangladesh?

Our country education system is go to a big process. School 10 years, College 2 Years, 6 Years University. When a student under school they attends 3 board exam now. Class 5 PSC(Primary School Certificate), Class 8 JSC(Junior School Certificate), class 10 SSC(Secondary School Certificate) then you can go to college. After HSC(Higher Secondary School Certificate) then you can go University. It’s a basic education system in Bangladesh.

If you want to know ssc result, You can leave a comment using your Facebook. I will check and result with mark sheet send you inbox.


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SSC Result 2019 with Marksheet
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